Our Portfolio

Consists of the Following:

Kitchen Brands

Our Italian Kitchen brands are both well trusted brands used for generations in Italy.Not to mention we also distribute the latest kitchen tools and gadgets that professionals such as chefs and pâtissiers use in famous restaurants and Hotels.


Consumers that love to be in the kitchen can also now experience and execute the same love of food through our kitchen tools sold via our online store Pozie.

Cosmetic Brands

We are excited to distribute some of the Best European Eco-Organic Cosmetic lines exclusive to Benini Import and Export Pty Ltd and sold via our Pozie online store. These products are distributed and used in 5 star beauty spa’s,hotels and hair salons nationwide.


Cosmetic Products include sun care, face wash, anti-age face creams and serums, body scrubs and lip scrubs, hand creams and eye creams.

Jewellery Brands

CINCANRA JEWELLERY is a branch off the Casa Di Cincanra brand where various designers hand make these bespoke limited pieces of artisan  jewellery.


CINCANRA JEWELLERY had originally started with authentic African inspired jewellery pieces. The brand has now evolved into a Boho African and Italian inspired brand.From the sharp Italian inspired architectural designs of Italy we combine accents that are reminiscent of futuristic Italy with an earthy African flair.

We invite you to wear these wonderful handmade pieces of art just as these designers intended.Only a few bespoke designs are created, sold to the wonderful women who enjoy these pieces on a special night out, for work and even everyday. These pieces have become an everyday staple in their jewellery box!

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Clothing Brands

We are importers of several Italian clothing brands and distributor to boutiques.

Image Consulting

From our range of fashion catalogues we can also provide image consulting and a personal shopper experience to business men and women looking to up their fashion game in the corporate arena.

Hair Brands

Hair products include shampoo and conditioners and hair treatments such as hair serums and hair lotions. As told by these hair brands.These brands are artisanal companies equipped with modern technologies and precision instruments to ensure quality and safety of production.

They collaborate with small local farmers with a continuous research of ingredients and formulas with low environmental impact. These products are delicate and effective on hair and skin in the long run. Who doesn’t love that which is why we have teamed up with these companies and made it more readily available to South African Professionals and consumers. Some of the Best Beauty Spa’s in Hotels and independents are using these wonderful products on their clients.

Fashion Accessory Brands

Casa Di Cincanra is an Italian brand offering Leather Goods and Accessories. These Products are Made In Italy and handcrafted by Italian artisans. All the vibrant colours, are an explosion of attitude and uptown funk.


Definitely not your usual spectrum of colours you would find at your usual retail handbag store. A variety of styles carefully made to meet all consumers needs both young and old and certainly a piece of Art on your shoulder.


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